Bung Karno possible hidden treasure for most people, Indonesia is only a myth and history that can be trusted, but may not trusted. But for Treasure hunters, all of that is a mystery to be solved, mainly because the value is not terkirakan. Like the true story of the origin Jeneponto inventor's treasure, though slightly flavored with mythical stories, but in fact he managed to get the treasure if it totaled to 35 billion dollars.

As crowded reported local media in South Sulawesi, a resident of Bulo-Bulo Kampung Dusun village Batujala Bulusuka, Jeneponto, South Sulawesi, called Charter Dg Plumbing, 60, known to store treasures worth tens of trillions of dollars. When asked to tell about these treasures, Charter claimed it all started from a dream. At one point on the night of 17 Ramadan 2010 he was visited by a supernatural creature. On the night of Qadr Tatyana Ramadan 2010 and, like his house bathed in light. People even thought about Charter house fire.
The True Story of the Treasure Finder Jeneponto

It is said that the discovery of the treasure chest, there are 70 bars of gold, each weighing 999.99 grams of 24 karat grading. There are also mustika jade, rubies mustika, mustika granite and stone mustika water, as well as a 7-inc mummy.

There are also two types of samurai swords, which is samurai roll hand-made yellow 1013 with a length of 2 meters, and a samurai sword belt made in 1718 with a length of approximately 1.5 meters. At the receiver are both Samurai mustikah jade. Not to mention the unique ancient dagger that can stand upright when removed from the holster and put on the table.

Not only that, there are three chests Cruzeiro Real Brazilian currency in 1964 with the number 480 belt. Each bundle consists of 500 sheets with fractions 5000. If Converted amounts shown the value of current dollars, the total value is about Rp35 trillion.

Is it genuine treasure?
"In the box there is also money from Swiss bank certificates of deposit, signed Soekarno, the first President of Indonesia," said Muhammad Jafar, Head Tarowang who questioned the authenticity of these treasures. Jafar then explained that its authenticity had tested the pawnshop. As a result, gold coins in a box called genuine 24 karat levels. The authenticity of the Brazilian currency has also been proved by the banks and of the exchange of money.

Charter also find and save money thousand rupiah denominations pictorial Bung Karno. If highlighted with a laser beam, the currency is believed to haunt the Arabic Koran passage. Interestingly, the currency can be curled itself when held.

Rare phenomenon treasure discovery proved bung Karno curious Regent Jeneponto, Drs Radjamilo, Jeneponto Police, Chief Ruslan Aspan, Chief District Court Jeneponto, Indra cahya, SH and other officials.

source: Story of the Treasure Discoverer Bung Karno Worth 35 Trillion - Kaskus - The Largest Indonesian Community

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